Our story started from Libya, when our small commercial business gradually started to grow to reach the establishment of one of the biggest retail fashion industry.

2005 «The start in Libya»

AlFakhama started in its newest and most distinctive version, as an import and distribution company, that completed more than 15 years with progress and professional development.

2005 «SmartexGlobal»

SmartexGlobal was established to be the holding trademark that holds our trademarks AlFakhama and HEDAR, to enable freedom and flexibility in production, and development of different styles that express our identity.

2017 «AlatexGlobal»

AlatexGlobal has been established as our newest production platform in Egypt, that belongs to our trademark AlFakhama, in alignment with our continuing development plan..

2018 «HEDAR»

The trademark HEDAR was released, to offer elegant fashion carefully selected using modern technologies, to satisfy our customers' changing needs to be our first retail trademark.

2019 - 2018

When HEDAR was released, we opened our first retail store, and then our successes continued and we opened another three branches by 2019. We aim to expand by continuously opening many new unique trademarks in new markets.