Who we are

SmartexGlobal is considered as one of the unique trademarks since 2005, as a company that aims to apply its vision (Our authentic outfits are the worthiest to be worn). It works intimately as a fashion company, manufacturer, distribution center, retailer, and seller through the internet. AlFakhama brand has joined in 2005 to fulfill the needs of the libyan market, by creating and innovating fashion that revives old civilization, with unique trendy designs in comfortable luxurious quality for men. After the establishment of AlFakhama, in 2017 SmartexGlobal has witnessed a great expansion by establishing AlatexGlobal factory, to implement its plan of continuous growth, by establishing new production lines for retail selling, and launching a new brand that expresses our authentic civilization and simulates world fashion. 2018 was a major hit in SmartexGlobal, as HEDAR brand was founded to produce quality fashion and special designs by using modern techniques, to meet our customers changing needs. Alongside with launching HEDAR, the first retail branch was opened, then more successes followed by opening another three branches till 2019. We aim to expand, target new markets, and create new innovative brands.

Quality beyond expectations

We work on fashion designs and products continuous development, and that's reflected on our customers satisfaction to exceed their expectations, and satisfy different tastes.


Creation of a brand that simulates world fashion, and flexibly reflect our authentic civilization. We aim to continuously expand globally, and create integrated innovative designs.


Enrichment of our authentic civilization with latest innovative trends in fashion world is our way to meet customers changing needs. Our elegant designs and rich techniques are our motives to expand in middle east market, as one of our goals is to open 58 branches by 2025. Our authentic outfits are the worthiest to be worn.