Our Employees

We extend our culture and traditions from our employees, to create and innovate fashion to be the worthiest to be worn.

We believe in career development and career progression as tools to improve our company and employees.

SmartexGlobal consider its employees the reason of its progress, development, and success as we always work on defining their interests, and capabilities to provide them improvement and growth opportunities inside the company.

We also believe in equality and diversity, as we're committed to provide a work environment that enables everyone without exceptions. Man power is our most valuable asset as we appreciate their diversities and different abilities.

Our suppliers

It is a major priority for us to protect human rights, and create value to people, as long as protecting workers rights in all our factories with all our suppliers. On the other hand, all our suppliers and manufacturers are committed to follow related ethics standards as clarified in our business ethics chart.

Our tax contribution

SmartexGlobal is committed to tax compliance in all countries it operates in, as we contribute in economic and social development of different countries, in line with principles of sustainability and social responsibility.