Our authentic outfits are the worthiest to be worn

We revive the fashion of our civilization as they are the worthiest to be worn, and that is our motive to create luxurious designs that are carefully picked to express comfort and elegance to fit every moment of our customers' life. This concept is in compliance with social commitment and human rights protection through transparency and sincerity towards our authentic heritage.

Our brands

SmartexGlobal's trademarks are known for their unique taste that combines between modernity of world fashion and authenticity. We're able to offer a wide range of different outfits through our brands Hedar and AlFakhama that satisfy our customers' needs and tastes.

Our goals

Our goal is to create outfits that our customers would love to wear that are also comfortable and reflect their different tastes. We value the importance of fashion industry and its effect on the world. We aim to leave a positive impact by our lasting commitment.



SmartexGlobal makes it available for stakeholders to follow up developments, progresses and all relevant business plans according to law and corporate governance regulations.

SmartexGlobal offers information that may be useful and important for investors and stakeholders through our website xxx@samrtexglobal.com, to make it easier for them to communicate with the company and making investors’ inquiries clear, guaranteeing transparency in the relationship between the company, the market and the customers.